Joann & Paul - Married May 13th, 2006

About Paul Kahl

A man walks down certain roads in his life.

Down one road, a man finds peace, prosperity, and love. In short — happiness.

Down another road, the weight of a troubled past hangs over his head, his dreams are shattered by glimpses of who he was, and his heart is heavy. But the past is past, and as time is wont to do, it's left behind.

Paul began his life in Germany, in 1973, in the small town of Gelnhausen. Born to a beautiful young woman and a callous older man, his life started out on shaky ground right off. Situations arose, (we don't need to get into THAT here, now do we?) and he and his mother found their way to the states.

His small family became very mobile, and in the course of 13 short years, they'd moved from Texas to Colorado to Missouri to Vermont and finally to Montana, with myriad stops all over between. At age 15, he'd seen most of what this country had to offer, and had settled for the wonders and glories of living in the quiet mountain town of Hamilton, MT.

High school progressed, as it does, and shortly after it ended, he found himself enlisted in the Air Force, with a future bright ahead. But the darkness loomed on the horizon, and good times were not in store.

Darkness cannot last forever though, and soon enough he found himself back in Montana, attending the University in Missoula, studying everything he could get his hands on. After 3 short years (and a few months), school was over, and, learned in the ways of the word-smiths and writers of old, he strode West to make his fortune.

In 1998, he settled down in Seattle, amid the homey feel of the University District, and began a prosperous career as a web developer. "But what of English? What of Writing?", you say? Well, honestly, how many people can you count on your little fingers and toes who make professional use of their time spent in college?

Since 98, he's moved around a bit in the Web world. Working stints for some big names in the web. AllRecipes.com, Eddie Bauer, Microsoft, Drugstore.com, Orrtax Software and finally, T-Mobile.

It's been a long road.

But a man walks down certain roads in his life.

In a world where celebrity equals talent, and where make-believe is called reality, it is most important to have real love, truth and stability in your life.

~ Bernie Brillstein
(film and television producer)